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A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Hair Dye Color

Introduction: What Color Should I Dye My Hair?

The skin tone is what you are born into. It is determined by the amount of melanin in your skin. Skin tone can be classified into three different categories:  Cool, Warm and Neutral

This article will teach you how to understand and identify different skin tones.

Knowing your skin tone can help you choose the right hair color to suit your skin event if you have hair extensions. This will give you an idea on the color that will complement your natural shade and make it look like it was meant for you.

Client consultation is one of the most important parts to achieving a perfect color. This is something we should be doing with new and existing stylists. Make sure they totally understand your lifestyle preference and the starting canvas that you have. This is also a really great opportunity for your colorist to give professional recommendations that you might not try otherwise. So let’s talk about some of the things that you should be discussing.

What questions should be discussed during the consultation.

First of all, you  have unique characteristics that are very specific to you. These are things that colorists should be identifying and profiling some of the characteristics. These include your natural tone level, your desired level and tone, percentage of gray, hair texture, density and the integrity level of your hair. Additional things you should be considering are those natural features that really stand out for you. You can change things such as skin color, eye color etc.. For example, with different colors – your compliments, contrast colors and preference. Important to keep in mind when scheduling your consultation, make sure that the technique is something you’re comfortable with. With our custom colors, you’ll get to make the color experience of the person in your chair completely their own.

Color Wheel

Skin undertone

Skin tone is the color that your skin has just below the surface. This is a great way to assess the color’s tonality, which usually falls into one of three categories – warm, neutral, or cool. Your skin tonality usually doesn’t change and stays the same over time.

The undertone on someone’s skin might be easy to figure out by looking at a person’s under-wrist. Our under-wrists are kind of untouched on our body and can serve as an indicator. So the veins in the human body appear blue and you’ll think of your skin over that area as a filter. Your tone is typically either going to have green influence or violet influence. So if you’re looking at your veins and you see that the blue has a little bit more of a green hue, you know that your undertone is more of a yellow or warm tonality. If you’re seeing a little bit more of a violet hue this means that you have more pink and influence to your undertone, which is typically a cooler tonality. if you’re not seeing strong influence either way, this just means you have a neutral undertone tonality.

A pro tip to remember. It has been really helpful for me when identifying the undertone of a skin, to remember: these are just benchmarks. So everything is very specific and relative to every client’s dyed hair. 

If you’re trying to do a warm undertone for your hair, think of peach, gold, rose gold or yellow color palette. If you’re thinking more of a cool undertone, please consider that those would be red, pink, blue, and violet hair color dye.

rose gold hair color

Next let’s talk about the surface of your skin. This is different from undertone, which is what’s on the surface of our skin. So think of this as the light or dark level that your skin tones range from. As well as some of the other unique attributes found in your skin. These will also exist at the surface of your skin. It is important to remember about your skin, is that this can change based on what you expose your skin to. Whenever a client comes in, checking the surface of their skin is essential because it can change based on variety of factors such as season, age, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Eye Color

Next let’s talk about eye color. This is one of my favorite natural features to discuss in consultation. This is really powerful to bring out in each client. The best way to bring out someone’s eyes, is to figure out what its complimentary influences are. Typically complementary influence is going to be the color opposite to it on the color wheel. We can bring out a client’s eyes, by either formulating specifically or through our placement. So keep that in mind as your customizing each one to every client.

Now that we know how to identify our client’s unique profile, it’s time to use that information. So let’s give examples of exactly how we take our client profile to perfect that formulation for everyone that comes in the chair. In this case will be using the terms complementary influence, to focus on what will compliment natural features. Contrasting influence is going to be the opposite. So this is going to be what will contrast what a client naturally has. Keep in mind that just because you formulate something that contrasts your clients natural features, that doesn’t always mean it’s going to look bad. It’s possible for the most striking end result to be obtained by someone with a contrasting influence.

Let’s play Guess the Tone game

To summarize: Skin tone chart is a list of human skin tones classified by their undertones. The most popular classification is the Fitzpatrick scale, which has six different tones.

These are:

  1. light skin with blue undertones.
  2. dark skin with blue undertones.
  3. light skin with pink undertones.
  4. dark skin with pink undertones.
  5. light skin with yellow undertones.
  6. dark skin with yellow undertones.

In the game, you are given a photo of a person and you have to guess their skin tone. It can be difficult to determine someone’s skin tone just by looking at them in person. So, we have created this game for you to play!

First, click on the button below to start the game. Then, click on one of the four available buttons that correspond with your best guess for their skin tone. We will give you correct answers right after the game.

Step 1 of 4

Different Types of Hair Dyes Available In The Market And How To Choose The Best One For Your Needs?

Hair dye is a chemical product that is applied to the hair and scalp to change its color. It usually contains peroxide, ammonia, or both as well as other ingredients. Hair dyes are used on both men and women of all ages.

There are many types of dyes available in the market and choosing the right one for your needs can be difficult. The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of dye you want to use. There are many types of hair dyes available in the market today such as temporary, semi-permanent, permanent, semi-permanent, etc.

The next step is to figure out what color you want your hair to be once it’s applied. This will depend on your natural hair color and what you’re looking for.

Using skin tone to formulate color.

When we first meet new clients, we like to talk about their skin tone and its undertone. We think about why they come into the store and then we go from there. The swatch book is invaluable for figuring out what looks best on a client. I can hold up different hues of the same color family to the client’s skin tone/eye color to make sure it’s an exact match.

A very good tip for using skin tone and undertone is remembering that this is a great opportunity for us to make professional recommendations. So if we want to help our client see what their best look is, we can show them what naturally compliments them and what contrasts with their features, and then make a suggestion on what we think will suit their needs the most.

If the client has a warm overall influence, the tonal families that will compliment best will also be warm. In color, we have so many amazing shades that support the warm influence. Some of my favorites are the copper series, copper gold series, gold series and gold brown series.

If the client has cool skin tones, the complement is also going to be cool tones. We have a great variety of options that support cool tonalities. These include ash hair color, double ash color, and natural ashes hair dyes.

Pro tip about natural ashes, is that they actually do cover gray 100%. So if we have a client that also needs gray coverage, these are fabulous options to include. If our client has more of a neutral influence a variety of shades will compliment them really well. 

Additionally one of my favorite things to do with clients that have neutral skin tone is to experiment with “artistic” colors. 

Some of my personal favorites include, silver metallic, violet metallic, bronze metallic, rose gold metallic hair colors. If our client wants to form a contrasting or natural influence, all we have to do is form an opposite influence on the color wheel. One of my favorite things to do when contrasting influences for really striking results is to play around with level changes. So, when we are looking at our client’s natural level, some really striking end results are dark features with really light hair or really emphasizing that difference. So keep that in mind as you’re playing around with contrast.

rose gold hair color

Using eye color to formulate color.

Typically with eye color our strategy is to formulate its opposite or its complement on the color wheel. For the word “compliment” is a little different when we’re speaking about eye color. This is when we are speaking to colors opposite of one another on the color palette. Typically, these colors neutralize one another in terms of color theory, but when you place them next to one another they really stand out. So to make eye colors really pop, we want to formulate with its complement.

Taking a look at the color palette as reference, if our client has blue eyes, copper hair tones will be a compliment. If our client has green eyes, red or pink flashy tones will complement them.

It is important to keep in mind that to assess the lightness or darkness of a client’s eye color, This is an important step in the formulation, so we really need to make them pop. If a client has light brown eyes, this typically has some gold influence. One of my favorite hair colors tones is rose gold. So, cool violet bases are going to be a great compliment for that tone. If a client has brown or deep brown eyes, lighter influences or accents will really help bring out the contrast.

If you’re choosing to do a face framing in accent work to bring out those deep, rich brown eyes,  remember to look at the underside of that eye and see if there are any specs. Usually, that spec has a warm or cool influence and this can really help you formulate according to the client’s natural picture.

Hazel eyes typically have a light brown base with some green influence. So based on the client’s skin tone and their personal preference, we could make the colors look brighter by adding some pink or purple, or maybe both.

For artistic formulation, hazel eyes are best to formulate with rose gold hair color.

Having clients with gray eyes is a good thing because matching their eye color boosts their attractiveness and gives them a more natural look by complimenting it with vibrant dark shades. Keep in mind that these are just basics and there are many different ways if you want to make those gray eyes shine.

Green eyes in most cases we can complement with red tones hair colors.

Best Brands And Products To Choose From When It Comes To Hair Dyeing

There are lots of brands and products to choose from when it comes to hair dyeing, but we have narrowed down the list to give you a selection of the best.

Best Brands:

L’Oreal Paris:

This brand offers a wide range of hair dyes for different types of hair. They come in all different colors and shades so there is something for everyone. Please pay attention to their rose gold and red flushy hair color tones.

Rit Dye:

This brand offers a wide range of colors and shades that suit all skin tones and types. The dyes are also easy to apply and don’t leave any residue on the scalp or strands.

Manic Panic:

If you want to go for an extreme color change, this is the brand for you! This company has been around since 1977

Kenra Color

Kenra Color is a professional hair color line that was created by the Clairol company. In 2006, Clairol was acquired by Procter and Gamble.

The Kenra Color line includes a variety of permanent and semi-permanent hair colors, including crème, semi-permanent, and semi-permanent shades. There are also a variety of color options for each type of hair color including blonde, brown, black and red. Get the best dyed hair that you can get! Some of my favorite colors from Kendra are rose gold and red hair colors.

Conclusion: Tips For How To Keep The Color From Fading Quickly

The color of your hair is the most important part of your look. It can change your entire appearance, but it can also fade quickly. I hope i answered your question about what color should you dye your hair. Now that you have your dyed hair you need to keep it for as long as possible.

If you want to keep the color in your hair for longer, then here are some tips that you should follow.

1. You should always use quality products when you dye your hair.

2. You should only dye the roots of your hair when it starts to fade – this will make it last longer than if you were to dye all of it. Especially this is true for rose gold hair color dye. The reason is the contrast.

3. You should wash and condition your hair regularly to ensure that the color doesn’t fade quickly in between washes and showers


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