Collins Ave’s Top 5 Nail Salons on Collins for the Perfect Manicure

Collins Avenue, located in the heart of Miami Beach, is home to some of the best nail salons in the city. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go for the perfect manicure. We’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the top five nail salons on Collins Ave.

XO Nail Salon on Collins Ave

XO Nail Salon is the perfect spot for anyone looking for an ultra-trendy nail salon. Located on Collins Ave in Sunny Isles Beach, this salon offers a variety of services, from manicures and pedicures to acrylics and waxing. With its chic decor and art gallery atmosphere, XO Nail Salon is sure to be the perfect place for your next beauty appointment. Whether you’re looking for a classic mani or something more adventurous, XO Nail Salon has you covered with their talented team of stylists who will help you find the look that’s right for you. XO Nail Salon offers the following services: Manicures, pedicures, acrylics, waxing , and more!

Luv Nail Shop Miami

Tucked away on the second floor of a nondescript building, Luv Nail Shop Miami is a hidden gem that is worth seeking out. This cozy salon offers a range of services, from simple mani-pedis to intricate nail art designs. The team of experienced nail technicians are passionate about their work and take great care to ensure each client leaves with perfectly polished nails.

One of the standout features of Luv Nail Shop Miami is their commitment to using high-quality, non-toxic products. All of their polishes are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene. They also offer a wide range of colors and finishes, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Customers rave about the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at Luv Nail Shop Miami, as well as the excellent customer service. The salon is open seven days a week, making it easy to fit a manicure into even the busiest schedule.

Vanity Projects Miami

If you’re looking for an ultra-trendy nail salon that doubles as an art gallery, Vanity Projects Miami is the perfect spot. Located in the Design District, this salon offers an immersive experience that combines fashion, art, and beauty. The space features rotating exhibitions that showcase the work of emerging artists, making each visit a unique and inspiring experience.

In addition to their artistic flair, Vanity Projects Miami is known for their exceptional nail services. They offer a range of options, from classic manicures to gel extensions and intricate nail art designs. Their team of skilled technicians use only the best products, including Gelish and OPI polishes, ensuring lasting results.

Customers love the laid-back, comfortable atmosphere at Vanity Projects Miami, as well as the personalized service. The salon is open six days a week, making it easy to fit in a treatment between shopping and dining in the Design District.

The Standard Spa Miami Beach

The Standard Spa Miami Beach is more than just a nail nail salon on Collins – it’s a full-service spa that offers a range of luxurious treatments. Their nail services, however, are especially noteworthy. The salon features chic, minimalist decor and a team of experienced technicians who are dedicated to providing the best possible experience.

The Standard Spa Miami Beach offers a range of classic and specialty nail services, including gel manicures, pedicures, and paraffin treatments. They also offer a variety of customized options, such as their “Minimalist Mani” and “Cashmere Spa Pedicure,” which incorporate luxurious products like lavender oil and shea butter.

Customers rave about the serene, relaxing atmosphere at The Standard Spa Miami Beach, as well as the professionalism and skill of the technicians. The salon is open daily, making it a great option for a spa day or special occasion.

Nailed Nail Bar

Nailed Nail Bar is a upscale salon that specializes in nail art and bespoke designs. Their team of talented nail artists are passionate about creating unique, eye-catching designs that reflect each client’s personal style. The salon features a sleek, modern decor and offers a range of services, from simple mani-pedis to elaborate 3D nail art.

In addition to their nail services, Nailed Nail Bar also offers lash extensions and waxing services, making it a one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs. They use only the best products, including gel polishes from brands like CND and Gelish.

Customers love the high-quality, personalized service at Nailed Nail Bar, as well as the attention to detail in each nail design. The salon is open six days a week, making it easy to book an appointment that fits your schedule.

Nail Culture ture

For a classic nail salon on Collins Ave experience, look no further than Nail Culture. This family-owned salon has been serving the Miami Beach community for over 20 years and has become a local favorite for their exceptional service and affordable prices.

Nail Culture offers a range of nail services, from basic manicures to French tip designs and acrylic sets. They also offer a range of add-on services, such as paraffin treatments and foot massages, to make your experience even more relaxing.

Customers rave about the friendly, welcoming atmosphere at Nail Culture, as well as the affordability of their services. The salon is open seven days a week, making it a convenient option for a quick touch-up or full manicure.

In conclusion, Collins Avenue is home to a diverse range of nail salons that offer everything from luxurious spa experiences to bespoke nail art designs. Whether you’re a local or a visitor to Miami Beach, each of these top five nail salons is worth checking out for the perfect manicure.


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